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By offering new and original cycling activities, bikesLab aims to promote cycle tourism in the Nord-Vaudois region, along Lake Neuchâtel, in the Plaine de l'Orbe and on the balcony of the Jura Vaudois.

Involving as much as possible local players, connoisseurs and defenders of our beautiful region, bikesLab aims to offer you a comprehensive and diversified cycling touring experience, adapted to your level and your desires.

bikesLab also manages a fleet of electric and non-electric rental bikes, for those who don't have their own bikes! These rentals are grouped together at three sites, in Yverdon-les-Bains (Bike Hôtel de la Prairie and Camping Yverdon-Plage) and at the VD8 campsite on the way to Yvonand. 



In parallel with its rental activities, bikesLab has a mechanics workshop and the logistical skills/means to manage (supply, maintenance, transport) fleets of bicycles, whether public, self-service or private.

Subject to availability, we can also offer temporary or long-term rental of a fleet of large muscle and/or electric bicycles. We also collaborate with other rental companies for very large groups.

There are many advantages to using bicycles to transport your volunteers, or to carry out a pilot phase within your company/association. bikesLab would be delighted to discuss any form of collaboration that could be beneficial to our planet.

Don't hesitate to contact us - without obligation, of course.




Promoting sustainable mobility within the company is not always easy. The actions required to achieve this are numerous and differ according to the realities of each company. Good management of the company's "mobility budget" is a daily challenge, which takes time and requires regular monitoring.

With modern tools and offers tailored to your company's needs, we're here to help company directors and employees move towards controlled, more environmentally-friendly travel.  

We'd be delighted to meet you for the first time, without obligation, to discuss your issues and help you find the right approach to achieve your mobility goals.



Project Manager

Trained as a transport engineer, Quentin Pellaux worked for several years in the planning of transport infrastructures, in particular those dedicated to soft mobility. Convinced that cycling is healthy for the body, the mind and the environment, he is keen to offer tourists the best of his region and promote cycling in a fun and sporty way. As the father of two young children, he has developed a range of activities adapted to a family clientele looking for fun, sustainable and financially attractive experiences.